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A nice fireplace  can give that touch of elegance to your living room. Call now! Whether you want that final touch for your new apartment, are looking for a more environmentally friendly stove or want to get that traditional look and feel, you will find the answer to your needs in our extensive stock. We make an extra effort to meet all of our customers' needs, offering a wide range of products running on gas, solid fuel and oil, which provide instant heat at the lowest prices. Our product range includes: fireplaces, gas stoves, gas and solid fuel stoves, wood pellet stoves, wood pellet boilers, and solar-powered.

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Products in Stock

We have the best products on the market in stock, and we are able to offer high-end, high performance products. Not sure what will best suit your needs? Our experienced staff can help you make the right decision for your home.

Visit us and have a look at our wide range of products for yourself.

At Vinagre & Oliveira Lda, you will find various products, such as:



  • Living Room Stoves


  • Modern Fireplaces


  • Rustic Fireplaces


  • Heat Recovery Units


  • Salamanders


  • Accessories



Vinagre & Oliveira Lda
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Our fireplaces and stoves will contribute to your comfort and well-being. Come visit us!

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